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When you decide to hire a Musician please understand the overhead a working Musicians has and why a $100.00 gig for Three (3) hours of Music is obsolete in the year 2017 for a Musician with a formal four (4) year Music education .  Do you know any executive chefs with a four (4) year formal education that has studied at a Major institution  working for a $100.00 bucks? Besides Gas-Mileage and travel time to and from the venue where the gig is located with a one (1) driving radius is fair.  So please consider the following:

One (1)Hour driving to the workplace- One (I )hour to load-in-set-up and sound check-Liability insurance-Attire (Cleaners)-emergency (Hot-spot) cost for remote locations. Music subscription ( Solo artist)-Monthly instrument maintenance cost (usually $200.00 per visit) and when you have premium Musical instruments like I do it is a absolute must.  One (1) hour tear down-and load. One (1) hour to drive back home.  Driving-loading for the day equals Four (4) hours-And usually Three (3) hour performance set that equal seven (7) divide into $100.00 =$14.00 not to mention the countless hours a Jazz musicians has to put in daily just to maintain his skills. there is also additional cost for backing tracks if your a ” Solo musician.”  Many and most venues are aware and are good and fail. But to you newbies and you know who you are please be more considerate. Best, James

Celebrate Your Next Party-Festival-Open House With Fun Swinging Bold Romantic Standards

 Would you like to host a “ Solo Sax-Clarinet Night Party” (Gershwin-Ellington-Berlin-Porter-Kern-Arlen) Either for your Party-Festival-Open House I feature Bold Romantic Standards that includes many Sinatra -Cornnick Jr. style type hits ( I get a kick out of you-Fly me to the Moon-Come fly with me and many more.) I am also a very fine Clarinetist and feature charming Eloquent early swing Music ( Cabaret-After your gone-Indian Summer) very light and entertaining for your listening pleasure. Best, James.