When you decide to hire a Musician please understand the overhead a working Musicians has and why a $100.00 gig for Three (3) hours of Music is obsolete in the year 2017 for a Musician with a formal four (4) year Music education .  Do you know any executive chefs with a four (4) year formal education that has studied at a Major institution  working for a $100.00 bucks? Besides Gas-Mileage and travel time to and from the venue where the gig is located with a one (1) driving radius is fair.  So please consider the following:

One (1)Hour driving to the workplace- One (I )hour to load-in-set-up and sound check-Liability insurance-Attire (Cleaners)-emergency (Hot-spot) cost for remote locations. Music subscription ( Solo artist)-Monthly instrument maintenance cost (usually $200.00 per visit) and when you have premium Musical instruments like I do it is a absolute must.  One (1) hour tear down-and load. One (1) hour to drive back home.  Driving-loading for the day equals Four (4) hours-And usually Three (3) hour performance set that equal seven (7) divide into $100.00 =$14.00 not to mention the countless hours a Jazz musicians has to put in daily just to maintain his skills. there is also additional cost for backing tracks if your a ” Solo musician.”  Many and most venues are aware and are good and fail. But to you newbies and you know who you are please be more considerate. Best, James

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